A Far Cry … From Home

About the Book

Reeling from initiation into a club for which no one seeks to belong…

Forced into a membership that lasts a hundred lifetimes…

A club that is reserved for parents thrust into surviving the death of a child…

Paying dues with the extreme price tag of a shattered heart…

A Far Cry…From Home enlists the insight of an “angel” as he portrays the true story of his mother’s journey through love, loss and healing.

The journey of a love so strong that nothing will stand in her way to keep the deathbed promise she made to her sixteen year old son.

The journey of a loss that changed lives forever.

The journey of healing that is exhausting and painful, yet cleansing and full of hope.

A Far Cry…From Home introduces readers into the chaos of emotions that unravel a parent in the aftermath of the loss of their precious child. In death as in life, everyone makes choices. You can choose to languish in despair and make friends with your grief. Or, you can choose to hope, smile and remember what is truly important: the lives of those we love and to honor them in our living.

Movingly captures the effect one well-loved teenager had on his community.  –Kirkus Reviews


grammy-do-cover-smallGrammy Do …

About the Book

Whether you are a Grammy, Nana, YiaYia or MeMaw, grandmothers share special memories with their grandchildren. Grammy Do…is a rhyming story with whimsical illustrations that portray the special bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren.

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