What People are saying about “A Far Cry …From Home”

Many wonderful people have voiced their thoughts about A Far Cry…From Home and I thought I would share a few with you:


“While reading this book, I had to keep reminding myself that the author had written it, not her “angel.”  I felt that he was right there…personally telling me his story.  This book is full of raw emotional breakdowns and true honesty while covering many scenarios and giving back to the reader.  It truly is for everyone and a must read!”

~ Robyn Freeburg

“A Far Cry…From Home is a story of heartbreak and resilience.  In this narrative, a devastated and grief-stricken mother’s deceased son intimately shares and normalizes the intense grief responses and the signs of love she experiences in the years following his death.  Emotional, yet refreshingly hopeful, this story succeeds in its quest to communicate to others who are also grieving the loss of a child, that they are not alone.  Through her son’s voice, the author demonstrates that despite the pain, moving from victim to survivor during any healing journey happens when you remain present and allow yourself to feel not only the sorrow but also the joy that can be found in moment-to-moment interactions with others and the world around us.”  

~ Dr. Caelan Kuban

Executive Director, The National Institute for Trauma and Loss of Children

“Thank you for compiling this book to help others. Everyone always wants to know what they can do to help us as moms – this is a great way to communicate!”

~ Brenda D.

Movingly captures the effect one well-loved teenager had on his community.

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~ Kirkus Reviews


“What a beautifully written story! I especially liked the way it was told through the eyes of her “angel”. Having recently experienced the loss of a parent, I am always looking for messages of hope and healing. I laughed, I cried, but most of all I admired this mother’s ability to share her most personal emotions. Her strength is sure to help others who are traveling down a similar road.”

~ M.E. Smith

“Started reading your book the minute I got home. Taking my time and savoring each word. If ever I thought a book explains EXACTLY what I have been going through this past year, it’s this one.”

~Terry K.

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