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A Far Cry…From Home – Book Review by Dr. Caelan Kuban

Feb 12, 2014 | A Far Cry…From Home, Book Reviews, Books on Grief, Grief & Loss

This week, on Reviews Day for A Far Cry…From Home, it is an honor to share a book review from Dr. Caelan Kuban, Executive Director of The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children. Founded in 1990 by William Steele, PsyD, MSW, The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children’s™ (TLC) mission is to provide direct services to traumatized children and families and to provide school professionals, crisis intervention teams, medical and mental health professionals, child care professionals and clinicians with trauma education, training, consultation, referral services and trauma-specific intervention programs and resource materials needed to help children, parents, families, and schools traumatized by violent or non-violent trauma-inducing incidents. TLC is a program of Starr Commonwealth, a nationally accredited non-profit 501(c)3.

“A Far Cry…From Home is a story of heartbreak and resilience. In this narrative, a devastated and grief-stricken mother’s deceased son intimately shares and normalizes the intense grief responses and the signs of love she experiences in the years following his death. Emotional, yet refreshingly hopeful, this story succeeds in its quest to communicate to others who are also grieving the loss of a child, that they are not alone. Through her son’s voice, the author demonstrates that despite the pain, moving from victim to survivor during any healing journey happens when you remain present and allow yourself to feel not only the sorrow but also the joy that can found in moment-to-moment interactions with others and the world around us.” ~Dr. Caelan Kuban

I thank you Dr. Kuban, not only for your book review, but also for the tremendous work that you and TLC provide to families during their most challenging life situations. For more information, visit TLC on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

– Sandy Richards

Sandy Richards is a devoted mom and celebrated author whose experience of losing a child has allowed her to connect, inspire and heal with other grieving parents through her memoir A Far Cry ...From Home and her blog. In addition, Sandy strives each day to inspire children to read, imagine, and smile through her award winning children’s books and ongoing volunteerism in her local school district. Sandy lives with her husband, Joe, in Milford, MI.